Male Waxing London by Female Therapist

Male Waxing by Female Therapist

Dear Male Clients! 
After so many years of waxing I came to decision to post this polite yet IMPORTANT notice.
I receive many calls daily, emails, text msgs, whatsapp, you name it. So it is important to keep it short.
Therefore I am asking you to check my prices and have a knowledge of what waxing is before calling me ans asking about it. Google it if you can’t find the answer here. If your personality is very sensitive and you get hurt easily, this is not a place to come, as I have no BS approach. Dealing with so many male clients, as a woman, is quite difficult. I don’t want to get into the details but my attitude won’t change. I am excellent in waxing and will continue to offer this service, but unfortunately not to everyone. So here, there you have it, not too professional but at least you guys will have a better understanding!
Kind Regards


Male Waxing London by Female Therapist offers men waxing services that deliver the best hair removal results. In the past, waxing was seen been reserved for women, but men have become increasingly aware of its benefits. For this reason, I deliver the best Brazilian wax services and male intimate waxing in London.

The men’s hair removal services by Male Waxing London offer you numerous benefits. Some of these include the following:

  • Non-strip wax is used in most instances to ensure client comfort.
  • Waxing is done in a professional manner and setting to keep pain minimal and ensure that you advised on how to take care of yourself after waxing.
  • Hair will not quickly grow back after the waxing. This lowers the cost and time spent using other techniques to remove hair.

Some of the men hair removal services offered at Male Waxing London by Female Therapist include the following:

  • male facial waxing
  • male Brazilian wax
  • male back waxing
  • male intimate waxing
  • male body waxing

These services are endless, and by consulting with me, (use my contact form send text message or call +44 7887 570866) you will be introduced to the different hair removal services and how each can benefit you.

Male Waxing London by Female Therapist
Barnetts Salon, 34 Turnpike Lane, Hornsey, London N8 0PS, United Kingdom
07887 570866

Male Waxing London by Female Therapist is a fully equipped treatment studio in North London, owned by Izabela, a fully qualified beauty specialist and a member of The Guild of Beauty Therapists.